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Choosing The Perfect Window

Outstanding Quality

We understand it can be overwhelming and difficult when choosing a window with so many designs and possibilities available. We are here to help you chose the perfect window for your home or business. Our windows are expertly crafted in harmony with your vision.

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Customizable Wooden Windows

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We specialize in the production of sash windows. Sash windows are windows made of one or more movable panels that form a frame to hold panes of glass. Sash windows are often found in old Georgian and Victorian homes, but can add a touch of quality and craftsmanship to any location.

single hung window

Single Hung Window

A single hung window is made up of two sash windows stacked vertically with one fixed window and the other mobile. The mobile sash moves up and down aided by the use of rope and pulleys or springs.


Double Hung Window

A double hung window is made up of two sash windows stacked vertically with both being able to move independently. Double hung windows use rope and pulley or springs to assist in the movement of the windows.

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Single Casement

Single casement is a single sash window that is attached to its casement by one or more hinges.

french window

French Casement

A french casement is a pair of sash windows that are attached by one or more hinges to the casement on either side. French casements meet in the middle with no center divide, giving an unobstructed view when the windows are open

Carpenter Assembling Newly Made Windows

Awning Window

Awnings are single casements where the hinges are attached at the top. Perfect for a transom windows, or to let more light and fresh air into any room. Awnings open outward

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Hopper Windows

Hoppers are single casements where the hinges are attached at the bottom. Also perfect for a transom window or to let more light and fresh air into any room. Hopper windows open inwards.

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Fixed windows

Fix windows are the most simple kind of windows. They don't move and have no hardware. Fixed windows come in all shapes and sizes from rectangular to circular.

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