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What They’re Saying About Us

Testimonials: Testimonials

"From start to finish, working with Kinney Woodworks was a wonderful experience.  We have original windows from a home that was built in the 1920s and it’s difficult to find craftsmen who know windows and will help you restore them if this is what makes sense.  In our case, it wasn’t clear that we’d be able to restore our windows.  Jack gave us an honest assessment of the extent of restoration that could be done and helped us set our expectations accordingly.   All of the communication and the scheduling of pick-up/delivery of the windows went smoothly and was delightfully professional.  Our windows are reinstalled and they are beautiful - I’m delighted to have preserved their original look.  All in all, Kinney Woodworks made the project painless and I will work with them again on future projects."

- Robin Parker Meredith

"Kinney Woodworks is the best in their field. I had previously had other companies tell me something couldn’t be done or provided sub par work. Kinney Woodworking knows immediately what needs to be done and how to do it well. I first called Kinney Woodworking desperate to fix a beautiful 1939 wood window that others said could not be done.  They came out promptly and thrilled me with the news that they could do it. The result was spectacular. I cannot find the repair even under examination.  It’s perfect! Kinney Woodworking has superb knowledge of what they are doing and I cannot recommend them more. I will be calling for other projects in the future without doubt.”

-Simone Barrelier

 While doing a bathroom remodel in our 100+-year old Craftsman home in Oakland, we unexpectedly found that we would need to replace the original bathroom door.  After checking for stock doors, we found that none were close enough in design to ours (we needed to match two other original doors in the same hallway), and that, in general, the materials used were inferior and/or the prices were astronomical.  Checking around with contractor friends, we got a recommendation to try Kinney Woodworking.  John was responsive to our needs, gave us an affordable quote for a solid door with a near-perfect match to our old doors, and delivered it all on time.  We could not have asked for more.  Highly recommended.  Thanks!

-Joe and Dodie Lindsay

After 12 straight Michelin stars, we take pride in demanding the best of ourselves and those we collaborate with. It has been a privilege to join up with an artisan like John Kinney of Kinney Woodworks, displaying his work as the centerpiece of our dining room. He continuously produces works of art with his amazing precision and his attention to detail.

-Joshua Weeks, Owner of Plumed Horse Restaurant

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