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Choices of Glass

Choosing the glass you would like in your windows and/or doors is very important. If you are trying to replace or repair old windows in your home while maintaining the classic aesthetic it can be difficult to find a company to sell you what your looking for. In cases where we are repairing or replacing an old window we can offer single plane glass or replica antique glass to maintain the aesthetic of your home. We understand that maintaining the original look of your home is very important to our customers. In cases where we are installing a new window or upgrading an existing window we can offer insulated or laminated glass. An upgrade to insulated or laminated glass will increase your homes heating efficiency. Keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, all while being environmentally friendly and lowering your heating and cooling costs year round. With so many options of glass available we are happy to help you find the best glass for your needs. Below is a quick summary of the most common glass used:

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Single Pane Glass


Single pane glass is what has been used majorly in the past. Advances in technology have lead to more energy efficient forms of glass.This glass can no longer be used in new windows but it can be used for restoration or replacing old windows. This is best for keeping the historical authenticity of older and historical homes.

Laminated Glass


Laminated glass is two sheets of glass held together by a plastic fill between them. Laminated glass is a safety glass that stays together when shattered.   This glass also blocks 99 percent of UV light transmission and it also has sound reducing properties. This is one of the better options for security because even after broken glass will stay in place.


Insulated Glass


Insulated glass consist of two or more glass panes separated by a air filled space to reduce heat transfer. Insulated glass is a minimum of a half inch thick and requires window sash to at least be an inch and half thick.

Tempered Glass


This glass is a safety glass which breaks into small pieces when broken. This glass goes through a specific heating and cooling process. The benefits of tempered glass are safety, easy clean up, ans its super durable. Tempered glass is required in some situations, most common in dangerous locations. For example bathroom where wet floors can cause a slipping hazard.


Privacy/Patterned Glass


This glass in not perfectly smooth with different patterns impressed on it. This glass is best for privacy because it prevents someone from seeing through it. There is many patterns to choose from. This glass also adds a decorative feel to your windows or doors. Patterned glass as well as adding privacy adds character and beauty to your home.



Low-E glass was made to minimize the amount of UV light that comes through the glass without minimizing the amount of light coming through. This glass has a very thin coat that reflects heat that is transparent.

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Window Installation

Restoration Glass


Restoration glass or replica antique glass is glass produced to simulate antique glass. Most glass companies are using traditional mouth blown cylinder glass methods used in the past. We can take the year the glass was manufactured and use that to go off and find the closest match to the older glass. While new this glass replicates the look and feel of antique glass. This glass is best when trying to keep the authenticity of older homes and buildings.

Bent Glass


Also known as curved glass is glass that has been reheated and shaped into a desired bend in order to fit specific windows or doors that are bent or curved.


Most of the options above can be combined. For example people who are interested in heating efficiency will probably want to combine insulated glass with a Low-E coating. People interested in sound reduction will probably be interested in insulated glass combined with laminated glass. If you have any questions of what can be combined or not please feel free to contract us. We are here to help with any questions or concerns.

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