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Your project in the wood of your choice

Handcrafted Pieces

We can make your project out of any wood available on the market, but most of our door and windows are made out of Mahogany, Maple, Oak, Dough Fir and Poplar.

Wood of your choice: Skills

Our most commonly used woods

Texture of mahogany wood background.jpg


Mahogany is a straight grained hard wood and is both beautiful and durable. Mahogany is also naturally water resistant


Maple is a versatile hardwood that is most known for its consistent grain.

Hardwood maple basketball court floor vi
texture of natural oak wood.jpg


Oak is one of the densest hardwoods making it very heavy and durable.

Dough Fir

Dough Fir is a light weight wood with a beautiful grain that is perfect for the doors or windows of your choice.

Douglas fir wooden massive beam - beauti
poplar wood texture, an hand painted imi


Poplar is often used on interior doors because of its light weight and price.

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